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This is a set of ten (10) 7/16" stainless steel case-hardened thick-washers found on Mercury Racing Mariner Quicksilver Marine Sportmaster, CLE, Fleetmaster, Torquemaster, Mercruiser Sterndrives, R, MR, Alpha, Gen II, Bravo, 135 hp, 150hp, 175hp, 200 hp, 225 Pro Max, 245, 260 HP, 280 ROS, OMC Cobra and 300 Drag, Outboard Lower Units to Mid-Sections. 


These washers are chamfered (beveled round) on one side for easier installation and removal. The kit is enough for each of the ten 7/16-inch studs.


These washers fit 1976 to 2005 Mercury V6 powerhead studs found on 135, 150, 175, and 200 HP outboards with 12" racing, 15" ROS, 20 Fishing / Bass, and 25" XL midsections.


Part Numbers Mercury Washer:

12-35935, 12-25410, 35935, 8M0204655,12-8M0204655


This kit includes ten (10) 7/16" ID stainless steel case-thick washers.


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10 Lower Unit Washers Kit

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