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This is a set of six (6) Buckshot Racing #77 Super Sport Piston Kits for the Mercury 2.5 Liter.  Our custom-made Cast Super Sport Race Piston Kits are designed with a Higher Ring Land for higher compression and the Thinner Ring (1.5MM) Mercury Super Sport applications.


The pistons are manufactured in the Americas (by a company with over 60 years of experience serving over 60 major OEM manufacturers) to OEM standards including 100% new and virgin Aluminum, silicon, nickel,  magnesium alloy, auto-thermal rings to control piston expansion, cooling channel, thermal treatment for solubilization, tinning, anodizing, graphitizing, and armor coating.


Our Super Sport Piston Kits include; six (6) Coated Pistons (standard bore), twelve (12) 1.5MM Thin Rings for Steel Bore, six (6) Slip Fit Wrist Pins, and twelve (12) CirClips.


Optional: We offer an upgrade to Race Lighten Slip Fit Wrist Pins. You can select at check out for $200.


Oversized Piston Kits (plus .015 bore size). These piston kits also run the Mercury OEM thin 1.5MM Side-Pinned Rings. We also offer Mercury OEM rings for this piston, available on request at a price differential. 


1) Mercury Gold Rings for Nik or Steel Sleeves OEM part number 39-848200A12

2) Mercury Steel Sleeve Rings (Standard) 39-840684A12

3) Mercury Steel Sleeve Rings (Plus .015) 39-841139A12


Contact and 714-697-1716 for pricing and availability.

6 Super Sport Piston Kits w/ 1.5MM Ring, Mercury 2.5L

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