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We are now accepting pre-orders for our new 6061 CNC ​Billet 2.5 Exhaust Plate ATAT Performance. These are direct replacements for Mercury Racing 260 280 300 Drag HP ROS EFI High-Performance Exhaust Plates found on both the 15 and 20-inch midsections like OEM part numbers 821754, 821754A1, 821754A2, 848284A1, 848284A2, 848284A9, 848284T1. (PLATE ASY-EXH-2.5 848284T15 NLA at $1,987.65 Mercury MSRP)  (TUNER PIPE / DIFFUSER NLA at $675.62)


This plate will work with the 2.4 and 2.0 Liters as well. $2,200 includes shipping within the USA. Deposit is $200. Delivery 6-8 weeks

6061 CNC ​Billet 2.5 Exhaust Plate

We will start shipping May 1st, 2024
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