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6061 CNC ​Billet Aluminum Mercury Racing 2.5 Exhaust Plate and Billet Tuner Pipe with ATAT Performance.


These are direct replacements for the latest designed Mercury Racing 260 280 300 Drag HP ROS EFI High-Performance Exhaust Plates found on both the 15 and 20-inch midsections.


OEM part numbers 821754, 821754A1, 821754A2, 848284A1, 848284A2, 848284A9, 848284T1. (PLATE ASY-EXH-2.5 848284T15 NLA at $1,987.65 Mercury MSRP)  (TUNER PIPE / DIFFUSER848308T3 NLA at $675.62)


We are offering these with hard black anodizing and at Mercury's previous NLA pricing.


This plate will work on the 2.5 Liters as well as the 2.4 and 2.0 Liters. 


41 tool changes later over 200 hours of programming and 3 operations to complete. 

Comes with dual NPT tapped water gallery bung to be drilled out for your required flow rate. Can be dry stacked internally.


Contact Mike Hill at 714-697-1716

Billet Mercury 2.5 Exhaust Plate + Tuner

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