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The Buckshot Racing #77 anode kit protects Mercury outboard motors and lower units from galvanic corrosion, which can occur when two different metals are submerged in an electrolyte, including brackish or salt water. 


The anode acts as a sacrificial metal, absorbing the electrical current and preventing the metals on the boat's hull from being destroyed.



#1 Sporty, CLE, ProMax Lower Unit

#2 Fleetmaster 135 HP, 150 HP, 200HP Lower Unit

#3 Mercury 3.0 or 3.2 Liter Lower Unit

#4 Mercury 30-115 HP Jet & Standard Lower Units 


Each Kit includes two (2)  anodes, one (1) stainless bolt, and one (1) nut required for the replacement. 


Buy 2 Kits, Save $4 Buck


Part Numbers: 826134Q, 4000333, 401386, 12675, 18-6068, 826134, 826134A1, 826134QMfg Part #:826134Q,41109-ZW1

Anode Kits for Sportmasters, CLE, Fleet & Jet Lowers

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