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The Fast Flow Fuel Filler Kit screws directly into a 5 or 5.5-gallon gas/utility jug. The upgraded Fast Flow Fuel Filler is designed for race boats that like to go fast; 1) it has a  larger 1" inside diameter hose (ID) that flows faster vs. the standard 3/4" ID line, and 2) it is flexible, bends to block fuel flow while you are getting it up and guaranteed not to get hard!


Fits most 5-gallon Race Jug Caps; including VP Racing Fuel Containers, Jegs Jugs, LC2 Pails, Ai 13 Aluminum Caps, and Scribner Gas Jug.


Includes one (1) Fast Flow Fuel Filler Kit (Fat Silicon Hose, Threaded Jug Adaptor, and Red Nozzle Cap).


Contact Mike Hill at with any questions. 

Fast Flow Fuel Filler Kit

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