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Lightweight and matched wrist pins reduce and help balance the reciprocating weight of an engine, which can lead to more horsepower. They can also increase the motor's response time and acceleration.


Lighter parts also carry less momentum, which can reduce stress on other parts and increase durability for higher RPMs. 


Our Light + Matched Slip Fit Race Wrist Pins weigh 15-20% less than stock and the wrist pins come with aftermarket piston kits including Weisco, WSM, ProV, and Vertex.


They are some of the lightest and most proven available!


The kit includes six (6) Light + Matched Slip Fit Wrist Pins for all Mercury 2.5 Liters V6 outboards with standard-length wrist pins.


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6 Light Weight Matched Wrist Pins Set

SKU: WP-77
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