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The Titanium Big Water Tube from Buckshot Racing #77 replaces the expensive Mercury Racing Big Copper Water Tubes:

1) Titanium Big Water Tube for the 12” mid w/ Super Speed Master SSM #4 (IV) or SSM (VI) #6 $100 ($123.00 OEM Part Number 32-8476504) 

2) Titanium Big Water Tube for the 15" mid w/ Sports Master or Torque Master (ROS) $125 ($212.26 OEM Part Number 32-8476503)

3) Titanium Big Water Tube for the 20” mid w/ SportMaster or TorqueMaster (ROS) $150 ($335.83 OEM Part Number 32-8476502)

Why titanium over copper? Copper is fine but Titanium is much stronger, more resistant to corrosion, lighter, less toxic, and less conductive of static electricity and heat transfer vs copper.

Why is it also expensive? The Big Tube is not 3/4 or any metric size, Buckshot Racing has the Super Tube custom-made to match the Mercury OD / ID exactly to ensure fit and proper cooling.


Includes one (1) Titanium Big Water Tube with one (1) new Big Grommet Seal part number 26-88397


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Titanium Big Water Tube + Seal

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