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Our Cable and Pulley Steering Arm Spacer Kit is used to better align the pulley pivot point with your tilt pin and swivel bracket to avoid excessive slack in your steering. 


The spacers are Made in the USA with strong and corrosion-resistant 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy, CNC machined to size, chamfered, tumbled, and finished with hard-coat black anodizing.


Sized to fit most Mercury Racing 12", 15, and 20" mid-sections that accept flat steering arms.


The kits include six (6) black anodized spacers 5/8" tall,  six (6) stainless 7/16-14 bolts, six (6) stainless jam nylock nuts, and twelve (12) case-hardened Mercury thick washers.


Contact Mike Hill at with any questions.

Steering Arm Spacer Kit

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