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Create New Race Tracks in AiM Sports PDM8 or PDM32

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Do you boat race or off-road vehicle race where you find yourself without a pre-made race course or track in the Race Studio 2 or 3 databases to download?

Tracks or circuits created in public spaces or that are set for a one-event race weekend are easy to create yourself if you follow the 19 steps below.

First, you must run the course in a test or practice session to collect a baseline of GPS location data.

Once you've come in after your first session, follow the steps below to make a new track in the AiM RS3 software. Let us know how it goes.

  1. Connect USB to PDM32

  2. Find PDM32 bottom left or double arrows, and double click to connect the device

  3. Live Measures should open, click the download tab

  4. Select sessions to download

  5. Fill out racer, vehicle, race, etc

  6. Click ok

  7. Select the tracks icon upper left of the screen

  8. Select “new” from the tabs in the center of screen

  9. Name track, select country, state, circuit type, road surface

  10. Click “Load” upper right with the track icon next to it

  11. Select the correct file path This PC>C-Drive>Aim_Sports>RaceStudio3>user>data>date>select the largest file>

  12. Highlight the “start/finish”, select a start-finish location on the track map, click cursor position

  13. Scroll through and select the best-looking track line

  14. Click save in the upper right of the screen.

  15. Close out of the window

  16. For all tracks, select the gear icon for “user tracks” only

  17. Click check box

  18. In Race Studio 3 analysis, top right of the screen, select and assign the track icon to the recently downloaded data.

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