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Mercury Outboard Wire Color Code Chart

Updated: 5 days ago

Here are some common wiring color codes for Mercury and Mariner outboard motors that are listed in this chart:

Red: 12-volt hot

Purple: Ignition on key switch and gauges

Black: All grounds

Light blue/white stripe: Trim up switch

Light green/white stripe: Trim down switch

Brown/white stripe: Trim sender to trim gauge

Purple/white stripe: Trim "trailer" switch

Tan: Temperature switch to warning horn

Tan/blue stripe: Alternate color for temperature switch to warning horn

Yellow/Red Stripe: Starter solenoid to starter motor

Yellow/Black Stripe: Choke or Primer Fuel Enrichment

Yellow: Charging Circuit from Stator

Brown: Reference electrode MerCathode

Tan/blue: Audio warning buzzer

Gray: Tach

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