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Oil Injection System Removal - Mercury V6

Many people choose to remove the Oil Injection System from their Mercury 2-Stroke V6 Outboard due to its known tendency to fail and its unreliability above 6400 rpm.

You can do this by removing the oil reservoir, oil pump, mag pickup, and pump drive shaft.

After removing the existing oil pump and drive shaft, make sure you align the block-off insert (it goes in just one way) with a light bead of silicone around the O-ring area, and lightly torque the included mounting bolts to secure it in place.

Disconnect the oil hose from the bottom of the vapor separator, seal the hose, detach the fitting on the starboard side of the block where the oil tank pressure hose originates, and seal the gap with a pipe fitting. Uninstall the oil alarm box, and then check to make sure you have covered everything.

Finally, it is suggested, that you keep the old oil pump gear on the crankshaft, as it provides crankcase volume, and if removed will cause that cylinder to be lean.

The Mercury Marine part numbers for the plastic block-off plate, screws, and the O-ring are 818304-A1, 8M0095447, 43453, 43453T, and 32509. The complete kit is available here at Buckshot Racing 77 on the link below:

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