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Peak Voltage (DVA) for Peak Performance

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

The objective is to measure peak AC voltage (adaptor converts to DC volts) at 6 key points in your Mercury V6 outboard ignition system. Before you begin, ensure you have a strong spark and good compression before proceeding to the Peak Voltage Tests (with the Buckshot Racing #77 DVA Adaptor).

Plug the adaptor into your multimeter, set to read over 300 volts DC.

Run tests stationary in a safe place, in the order listed on the chart, with grounds connected. Stay clear of voltage shocks and fuel.

Test #1 is key. If you can confirm all cylinders read within the spec above and within a close range of each other while cranking, move to confirm in the same way with the motor running.

Typically, we'll see 200 increasing to 220 volts while increasing the RPMs to around 3,500. If you get this far with passing grades, you have confirmed your ignition most likely has no other issues and it might be time to look elsewhere.

Otherwise, continue to tests #2 to #6 until you pin point your problem.

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