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Rig like a pro! The Buckshot Racing #77 6061 Fender / Conical / Stringer Washers are CNC machined from aircraft-quality billet aluminum.


These are a beautiful and secure way to mount rigging to bulkheads, stringers, transoms, and dash, including trim/tile/jack pumps, fuel tanks/cells, battery boxes, shifters, and more.


Our high-quality countersunk mounting washers all measure 1 1/4" diameter (1.25 inches OD) making them not only lightweight and highly sturdy but also very attractive.


10 packs are available in six (6) common bolt sizes:


1) 1/4" US SAE (Metric M6) (.315 inches tall)

2) 5/16" US SAE (Metric M8) (.315 inches tall)

3) 3/8" US SAE (Metric M10) (.345) inches tall)


These are also used in tunnel hull race applications for pickle forks and other important mounting points in drag boats and many other race vehicle applications. 


Includes 10 Billet Bulkhead Stringer Washers in each Kit.


Contact us for bulk pricing over 100 pieces or greater.

10 Billet Bulkhead Stringer Washers Kit

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