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Compact Quick Connect Wire Terminal Block Kit, also known as reusable actuated lever-style terminal blocks, are high-quality electrical connectors that quickly create secure connections between two or more wires. They use a spring-loaded clamping mechanism to create a strong connection without soldering or twisting. 


These connectors are rated for up to 600 volts at 20 amp. They can resist heat to 220 F degrees as well as oil and fuels. You can quickly join the same and different-sized wires from 24 to 12 gauge (AWG) all in the same block.


These ensure speedy and clean wire installation in your boat, under the dash, between gauges, under the cowl, on your powerhead, or anywhere you need power or ground jumpers to quickly connect multiple devices.




1) Strip the wire to unjust under 1/2 inch or 0.43"
2) Open the lever, and slide the like-kind wires into slots (i.e. Grounds to one Block, Powers to another Block) 
3) Close lever(s) down with wire(s) inserted

To remove the connection, push the lever up and remove the Connector Block. The Compact Quick Connect Wire Terminal Blocks are fully reusable. 


Kit 1: 10-pieces (two 5-terminal blocks, three 3-terminal blocks, five 2-terminal blocks)


Kit 2: 10-pieces (ten 3-terminal blocks) 


Kit 3: 6-pieces (six 5-terminal blocks)


Please order multiple kits if you need additional connectors. 

Quick Connect Wire Terminal Block Kits

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