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These replacement fuel injector filter screens (for the Mercury Racing side-injected 260 HP EFI, 280 HP EFI ROS, 300 HP Drag, and S3000 /F1 outboards) play a crucial role in the operation of fuel injectors.


These filter screens are small, typically made of stainless steel mesh, and are located at the inlet of the fuel injector. Their primary functions include:


Filtering: The screens trap contaminants and debris that may be present in the fuel. This prevents these particles from entering the fuel injector, where they could potentially clog or damage internal components such as the injector nozzle or valve.


Protection: By filtering out particles, the screens help protect the precision components of the fuel injector from wear and damage. This is important for maintaining the injector's performance and longevity.


Maintaining Fuel Flow: Clean fuel flow is essential for proper injector function and efficient combustion in the engine. The screens ensure that only clean fuel passes through to the injector, helping to maintain consistent fuel delivery.


In summary, the Injector Screen Filters for the Mercury Side-Injected Motors fuel injector filter screens are components that help ensure the reliability, performance, and longevity of fuel injectors by filtering out contaminants and protecting internal components from damage.


One kit includes twelve (12) replacement Injector Screen Filter for the Mercury Racing EFI Injector, OEM  Part Number 988181

12 Injector Screen Filters, Mercury 988181

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