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The Buckshot Racing #77 two (2) Billet Thermostat Housings w/ Quick Release fittings and translucent Hose Kits are designed and manufactured in the USA for long-lasting quality. It's yet another original #77 design!


Includes two (2) Billet Thermostat Housings, two (2) Quick Release Fittings, four (4) Stainless Socket Head Allen Key Bolts, and two (2) Translucent Water (only) Exits Hoses. Choose Red or Blue


Our billet kits replace all OEM Mercury / Mariner 135, 150, XR2, XR4, XR6, XRi, 175, 200 HP, Black Max, 225 Pro Max, 245 Carb, 260 EFI HP, 280 ROS, and 300 Drag V6 2-strokes (2.0, 2.4, 2.5 Liter) thermostat housings produced from 1976 to 2015. 


OEM Thermostat Cover Kit COVER KIT-THERMO Part Number 90390A1 with an MSRP of $49.25 for one housing alone!


7 disciplines we employ on every Billet part!


1. We select and use high-quality cutting tools designed for aluminum machining to minimize tool wear and achieve a smooth finish.


2. We work to optimize speeds and feeds, adjusting cutting speeds and feed rates to achieve the optimal balance between material removal and surface finish.


3. We employ coolant or lubricant to dissipate heat and reduce friction during machining, which helps prevent tool overheating and improves surface finish.


4. We ensure our tool runout is minimized to reduce vibration and chatter, which can negatively impact surface finish.


5. We implement proper tool paths including climb milling, to minimize tool deflection and achieve a better surface finish.


6. We perfect ramping, profiling, or contouring to find the most suitable approach for each part.


7. We properly calibrate and align our CNN machines to achieve accurate cuts, which enhances surface finish. This includes inspecting and maintaining utilized CNC machines and tooling to ensure optimal machining every run.


These Made in the USA practices have helped us enhance the precision and the surface finish of our Buckshot Racing #77 Speed Store CNC machined 6061 aluminum billet parts, to the highest level.

2 Billet Head Water Outlets w/ Quick Release Hose Kit

Hose Color
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