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The Buckshot Racing #77 push-to-connect fittings are easy and convenient to install and maintain. You can quickly and securely connect and disconnect your water pressure line without the need for any tools or special skills.


An elastic card spring in the tracheal sleeve completes the connection. When disconnected, the tracheal sleeve will be pressed.


The male side is a standard 1/8" NPT thread to fit your Mercury V6 powerhead, and the female side is a quick connect or disconnect that fits any water hose 1/4" OD in size. 


Includes two (2) Push to Quick Connect Water Pressure Fittings for $10.


As needed, add a Black hard water line, or more flexible Red, Blue, and Yellow hose lines (also compatible with fuel and oil), enough to reach your water pressure gauge.


Contact Mike Hill at with any questions.

2 Quick Connect Water Pressure Fittings

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