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Precision CNC Solid Motor Mounts are highly desirable for high-performance boating and boat race applications. They help eliminate motor and steering "slop" caused by the stock Mercury Marine rubber mounts moving around. The reduced slop helps with motor control, particularly because it can reduce the chance of chine walking.


The downside of solid mounts is the increased vibration which can be felt in the boat and can have the tendency to loosen bolts over time. We've solved that problem!


The Buckshot Racing #77 Solid Motor Mounts (Lowers pictured) for 1976 to 2005 Mercury V6 2-Sroke 2.0, 2.4, and 2.5 Liters are precision CNC machined from Delrin, the same material used to make Mercury Flo Torq Propeller Hubs!  They are rated to a 9,000 PSI tensile strenght! 


This highly crystalline-engineered thermoplastic is widely regarded for its durability, stiffness, and exceptional dimensional stability. These characteristics make Delrin ideal for high-load and high-impact applications including gears, conveyor belts, bearings, rollers, and yes, outboard motor mounts.


The two advantages over aluminum are that Delrin doesn't corrode, and vibration in the boat and on the motor is reduced.


Part Numbers 
67210, 77327, 78249, 816054, 816054T1, 8160541, Mercury 816054T


Includes two (2) Precision CNC Delrin Solid Motor Mounts. Add  two (2) Upper Motor Mounts, if needed, during checkout.

Solid Delrin Motor Mounts (Merc V6)

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