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Time to replace your corroded and rusted old head bolts? Our Mercury V6 Head Bolt Kit includes 24 Bolts + 24 Washers and is a great way to upgrade.


Our shouldered head bolts (.375-16 X 2.30) are Grade 8 and have a 150,000 psi tensile strength and a yellow zinc finish that provides an extra layer of protection against corrosion and exposure to moisture while the flange acts as a washer providing a larger bearing surface area and distributes the load over a wider area.


Our yellow zinc washers (.406 X .812 X .065) are also grade 8 and help ensure torque accuracy.


Fits most all gasket head Mercury V6 outboards. Lightly oil before installation and torque to your powerhead specs, typically 30 to 40 ft. lbs., in the correct sequence.


Part Numbers

10-98534, 12-25909, 8M0125882, 849677, 878217, 10-878217


Includes 24 US SAE Head Bolts + 24 Washers, 48 pieces total.


We offer an optional set of 24 (.110 to .126) thick case-hardened head bolt washers for running cut heads and thinner gaskets.


Select between gasket and o-ring heads.


Contact Mike Hill at STVracer@yahoo with any questions.

24 Cylinder Head Bolts + 24 Washers Kit

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