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Ready to pop and drop in some HP? These are brand new Drag / F1 / S3000 Steel Sleeves with the ports cut to 300 HP specs for the 1991 to 2005 Mercury 2.5 Liter 2-Stroke V6 Outboard blocks.


We offer 200 to 260HP, and 200 to 280HP, in addition to these 200 - 300HP conversion sleeves. These are available in standard bores and plus-sizes in the right OD to fit your current block condition.


We also offer Nikasil Plate Aluminum Sleeves, ready for installation, and diamond hone.


Coming soon in early 2024! new gold block aluminum sleeve with special ductal insert, to avoid the skyrocketed pricing and cost of running Nikasil.


Please call Mike Hill at 714-697-1716 with any questions about the right sleeve for your black or gold block.

300 HP Drag Steel Sleeve - Mercury 2.5 Liter

SKU: 300SS-77
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