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Are your nuts corroded? Corrosion decreases electrical conductivity. When brass oxidizes, it loses its ability to conduct the voltage needed to run your ignition system.


For the best conductivity, brass ignition nuts should have no corrosion or oxidation and should maintain the original surface treatment from the OEM for uninterrupted spark.


Our new Buckshot Racing #77 ignition nuts are made from high-quality 360 Brass, one of the most popular copper alloys available today, and installed with a standard 3/8" nut driver socket wrench.


The 60-40 mixture of copper and zinc found in 360 Brass creates a highly corrosion-resistant alloy, with excellent strength, and durability.


Includes one (1) 360 Brass Nut Kit, with 40 nuts, enough to replace all nuts on your 16 amp Mercury Marine two (2) switch boxes, one (1) 3-post rectifier, one (1) big solenoid, and six (6) coils.


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40 Brass (360) Nut Kit for Mercury Ignition

SKU: BN-77
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