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Are your reed screws stripped, or too long? This kit includes enough screws to replace all the longer stock screws or shorter race screws in a Mercury V6 2-stroke outboard. These bolts are the proper lengths to mount your reeds with reed-stay strip and not protrude into the airflow area of the reed cage.


These black oxide screws have a Torx (star-shaped) (4-petals are Allen Key) head) designed to withstand higher torques than other types of screws, such as Phillips or slotted drive, without slipping or stripping the head.


Includes one (1) kit, enough to replace all screws on six (6) reed cages for your Mercury V6.


Please select 4-Petal (48 screws), 5-Petal (60 screws), or 7-Petal (84 screws) to ensure the proper screw size and count.


Contact Mike Hill at

4, 5, 7-Petal Reed Screws Kit

SKU: RS-77
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