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Unable to diagnose an elusive misfire? Time to check for cracked ferrets and deteriorating spark plug cables.


This is a brand new set of six (6) Mercury CDI Ignition Coils with six (6) brand new Buckshot Racing Super Wires installed.


Fits Mercury Marine Mariner 2-stroke V6 outboards from 135 to 300hp including all 2.0, 2.4, and 2.5 Liters manufactured between 1976 to 2005.


These coils run extremely strong and consistent. The ferrets in these coils are super durable compared to Mercury OEM and other brands that tend to crack from vibrations at high RPMs causing hard-to-detect misfires yet still fire and idle well and pass the bench test.


We also source these at a distributor level to get you the best pricing.

6 CDI Ignition Coils + 6 Super Wires

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