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7-Petal 6061 Billet Flowed Divider Reed Cages for the Mercury 2.5 (Fits 2.4 and 2.0 as well).


Precision CNC Machined with the highest possible production tolerances! 


These replace the Mercury Racing 7-petal 87692T2, 876922, 87692T2 that are NLA and Sport Jet 5-petal 840805T1 840425T1, 840425T1 MSRP $1692 (set of 6) 

We are offering introductory pricing for website site members on the first production run while supplies last.


Set of 6 Billet Reed Cages for just $595
Set of Yell 8k Plus Reeds $179 
Set of Black 9k Plus Reeds $199

Set of Yell SP 10k Plus Reeds $225

7-Petal Billet Flowed Reed Cages

$995.00 Regular Price
$595.00Sale Price
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