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7-Petal 6061 Billet Flowed Divider Reed Cages for the Mercury 2.5 (Fits 2.4 and 2.0 as well). These cages were developed over the years using flow benches, dynos, and circuit racing.


We selected this final design based on the overall performance and most applicability to circle and drag boat racing as well as river running.


Precision CNC Machined with the highest possible production tolerances here in the USA!


These replace the Mercury Racing 7-petal 87692T2, 876922, 87692T2 that are NLA and Sport Jet 5-petal 840805T1 840425T1, 840425T1 MSRP $1692 (set of 6) 

We are offering introductory pricing for website site members and boat racers around the world.


Set of 6 Billet Reed Cages $595
Set of Yell (Recommended) 8k+ Reeds $179 
Set of Black 9k+ Reeds $199

Set of SP (Rubber Coated) 10k+ Reeds $225


Why do we recommend Boyesen?


The reed petals in all 2 stroke engines undergo a significant amount of wear and tear. At peak RPM, reed petals open and close hundreds of times per second, causing a single reed to lose its ability to regulate flow rates effectively over time.


This can lead to a decrease in reed petal reaction and a loss of peak horsepower consistency. Boyesen's dual-stage reed design offers more usable power compared to stock single-stage reeds. Stock single-stage reeds are most effective within a narrow RPM range due to their design limitations.


In contrast, Boyesen's dual-stage reeds, with one soft reed on top of one firm flow-through reed, provide a wider range of intake control and increased intake velocity. The dual-stage design also allows for the replacement of the stock reed stop with a Rev-Plate, enabling the reeds to open freely and function efficiently.


The bottom reed's multi-port feature creates more channels for the charge, delivering increased velocity to the intake ports and generating more overall power.


The dual-stage reeds work together to perform efficiently throughout the entire powerband, with the difference in stiffness between the top and bottom reeds allowing for quick and accurate response to changes in engine pressure.


This results in quicker acceleration, crisper throttle response, and increased horsepower throughout the powerband.

Billet Ported & Flowed 7-Petal Reed Cages

$595.00 Regular Price
$495.00Sale Price
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