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This is a limited special introductory offer from Ox Performance and Buckshot Racing #77 for the Mercury Racing 7-Petal Laser Injected 2-Stroke Outboards.


7-Petal EFI Laser Injection Reed Plate (MSRP $349.99)


7-Petal Billet Flowed Divider Reed Cages (MSRP $995.95)


7-Petal Boysen Dual Stage Composite Reed (MSRP ($219.98)


The Ultimate Mercury Racing Pro Max Intake (MSRP $1565.92)


Introductory Offer $995.95


Fits all Mercury 7-Petal Motors 1991-2005 with Laser Injection


Designed and Made in the USA!

7-Petal Billet Plate + Cages + Reeds

SKU: BB-77
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