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The Buckshot Racing #77 Side  Injector Hold-Down Bracket Mount Kits are designed and manufactured in the USA with Ox Performance for long-lasting quality.


These replace the Mercury Marine / Mercury Racing plastic OEM injector hold-down brackets on all the crankcase injected (Race, ROS, EFI) 2.5 Liter 260 HP,  280 Consumer,  280 ROS, S3000, F1, and 300 Drag.


Includes 3 Billet Race 2.0, 2.4, or 2.5 EFI Side Injector Hold-Down Brackets Mercury OEM Plastic Bracket part number 98716 (MSRP $54.72).


Add Rubber Refresh Kit - $29

6 x EFI Grommet Injector Seal - OEM part number 25-99123 (MSRP $132.91)

6 x EFI Hose Mercury OEM part number - 32-774572 (MSRP $67.58)



2.5L (EFI)/(EFI-OFFSHORE) - 0G857000 THRU 0T999519
FORMULA I (2 LITRE EFI) - 0A953232 THRU 0A953245
MERC FORMULA I (2L EFI) - 82E606 THRU 86G640
MERC/MAR 2.4L (EFI) - 0A168043 AND BELOW
MERC/MAR 2.4L (EFI) - 0A168044 THRU 0B290009
MERC/MAR 2.4L (EFI) - 0B290010 THRU 0C276917
MERC/MAR 2.5L (EFI) - 0D030200 THRU 0D935270
MERC/MAR 2.5L (EFI) - 0D935271 THRU 0G366999
MERC/MAR 2.5L (EFI) - 0G367000 THRU 0G610238
MERC/MAR 2.5L (EFI)/(EFI-OFFSHORE) - 0G367000 THRU 0G610238
MERC/MAR 2.5L (EFI)/(EFI-OFFSHORE) - 0G610239 THRU 0G856999
S3000 - 0D181027 & Up

3 Billet Race Side Injector Hold-Down Brackets

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