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This is 10 feet of made-in-the-USA BLUE Fuel Oil Bleed Hose Line for race outboards. This replaces the black, old, dried, and block bleed lines on the race or fishing motor with transparent lines for helpful visual inspection and durability.


This is perfect for outboards and all motorsports applications that require a 1/8" ID line (1/4" OD) and want to add that race-quality transparent blue accent to your motor. This hose is made in the United States to be very durable 1) for all fuels and oils, including high octane race gas, alcohol, nitro, 2-stroke oils, gear lube, pump gas, etc., 2) temperatures from -60F to 224F without deterioration, 3) kink and abrasion resistant, 4) will bend a tight radius but will not harden or crack.


Includes ten (10) feet of BLUE Fuel Oil Bleed Line, enough to replace all the bleed lines on a Mercury / Marine Race set-up V6 powerhead, 20 feet is required for a fishing motor.

Blue Fuel Oil Bleed Line Tube, 10 Foot

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