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This Carter Rotary Vane style fuel pump was originally developed for military use and has proven bullet-proof after years of use in performance boating applications using either lead/unleaded pump or race gas.


The Buckshot Racing Carter is a universal fit for your carbureted outboards when replacing the manual OEM crankcase fuel pump or your old electric fuel pumps.


The 12-volt heavy-duty wet motor is engineered to deliver 4 to 8 psi at a flow rate of up to 50 gallons per hour, which matches the needs of many high-performance carbureted V6 and V8 two-stroke outboards from Mercury, Mariner, OMC, and Yamaha, unlike over-spec Fuel Injection (EFI) pumps that aerate fuel in the system.


This pump ain't the prettiest but provides excellent lift and prime capability and will outperform the Holley Red or Blue and many others on the market by keeping your motor feed appropriately for years.


The Buckshot Racing Carter is complete with 3/8" brass hose barb fittings, bulk-head mounting plate, and power wire leads.


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Carb Fuel Pump, Buckshot Racing Carter

SKU: CP-77
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