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The Mercury centrifugal slinger is a thick rubber ring that should be installed on your driveshaft on top of your water pump housing. Slingers are often lost or go bad; they start to leak when they harden, crack, lose tension, stretch, and move away from the water pump housing.


Why do I need it, is there performance to be gained? Yes, it allows water to cool the water pump housing while keeping excess water off your exhaust tuner (which has a cooling effect) that reduces top-end power. It also deflects exhaust gasses and debris away from intruding into the top of your water pump.


Fits all Mercury V6 high-performance lower units including CLE, Torquemaster,  Sportmaster, SSM #4, and #6, as well as all fishing lower units.


Part Number: 25-30271


Includes one (1) Centrifugal Slinger


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Centrifugal Slinger

SKU: CS-77
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