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Mercury Racing CLE and Bob's Nose Coned Gearcase Flusher. It connects directly to a standard garden hose and fits securely surrounding the lower water pick-ups on your lower unit.


Flushing an outboard motor after each use in salt and fresh water is a key part of maintenance. It clears the cooling passages of salt residue and scale, which can impede the flow of cooling water through the engine.


This can build up and up until the water gallery is completely blocked. You can run your engine on the flush attachment without burning up your impeller as long as you keep the engine at idle. However, you should never rev the engine up while it's on the flush attachment. 


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Includes one  (1) Mercury Racing CLE and Bob's Nose Coned Gearcase Flusher



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CLE and Bob's Gearcase Flusher

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