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A test or load wheel for a tunnel boat outboard motor simulates a load on the motor so that you can check the motor's timing, ignition, and carb mix at higher RPMs without driving the boat. This allows you to troubleshoot and work more easily.


Our brand new Buckshot Racing #77 US F1 / APBA OPC F200 Load Wheels are designed and crafted by 19-time APBA Champion Terry Rinker. It is manufactured exclusively at Rinker Machine Shop in Tampa, Florida.  


Our Load Wheel not only allows for engine break-in, testing, and tuning but more importantly can provide a relative dyno number in terms of comparative peak RPMs and the time it takes to reach peak RPMs. The perfect way to ensure you are ready for your next race. 


The Load Wheel fits the Mercury propeller shafts found on the SSM #4, Super Speed Master #6, Mark 4, Mark 6, and standard 1" prop shafts, with your hardware.


Select Load Wheel:


1) Carb 2.5 Liter, SST-120, Optimax SST-200, APX 200, and APEX 250


2) F1H20, S3000, F1, Champ, APX 360 Competition Outboards


More about Rinker Machine Shop: "We provide simple and complex machining in a wide variety of materials. From one-off custom jobs to large-scale production, we vow to deliver outstanding accuracy and a quality finish on every part that leaves our shop."


Their experience with race boats is second to none. 

F1H20 / US F1 / APBA OPC F200 Load Wheels

SKU: LW-77
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