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An outboard trim tab anode is a disc-shaped plate with a fin designed to minimize corrosion. When properly aligned, it also helps compensate for torque steer which is normal in outboard motors.


High-performance outboard applications typically remove and replace the fin with a Flat Plate Performance Anode Kit. Removing the fin allows more area for a larger propeller and relocates any compensation for torque steering to the torque tab found on skegs like the Sport Master and CLE.


The Buckshot Racing Flat Plate Performance Anode Kit helps eliminate drag when compared to leaving that area open to catch water or the extra drag of the fin in the water. Our kit includes the Allen Head Stainless Steel mounting bolt for easier top access.


This Flat Plate Performance Anode Kit fits most Mercury 2.0, 2.4, 2.5, and 3.0 Liter Lower Units, 40-300hp 2-stroke outboards, as well as R, MR, Alpha I, and Gen II Mercury Mercruiser outdrives.


Part Numbers

70214Q5, 70214K, 70214M, 46399A 1, 76214A 6, 76214A6, 31640Q4, 31640T6

Includes one (1) Flat Plate Performance Anode Kit with bolt. Select Magnesium if you mainly run in fresh water. Select Aluminum if you mainly run in Salt or Brackish water.


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Flat Plate Performance Anode Kit

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