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Flywheel Puller and Removal Tool. Fit most 45 HP plus Mercury, Mariner, Yamaha, and Force Outboard flywheels with 1 1/2" - 16 threads.


This tool makes it easy to remove the flywheel without breaking your knuckles.  It replaces the Mercury Marine Quicksilver Flywheel Puller 91-849154T1.


The kit includes; 1) the black oxide threaded tool, 2) a 5/8 - 18 precision Grade 8 fine thread pusher bolt, and 3) an insert slug to protect your crankshaft.


Includes one (1) Flywheel Puller Tool and one (1) small Buckshot Racing #77 decal.


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Flywheel Puller Kit

SKU: FP-77
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