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In high-performance outboard EFI and Optimax applications, clogged fuel / air injectors can cause a loss of power, fuel efficiency, and hard starting. They can also cause poor combustion and engine vibrations while riding or racing.


The Buckshot Racin #77 fuel /air injector cleaning services remove dirt and deposits from fuel injectors to help improve overall performance, fuel economy, rough idle, and starting.


We check and replace screens and seals as needed while providing you with numbers on injectors, plus a full and transparent before and after printout report!


We've been able to restore injectors to new operational conditions and we work to ensure each is flowing within 3-5% of the others. We rarely find a bad injector we can't make right for you and will contact you before proceeding.


Simply select the quantity of how many injectors you would like serviced and if you would like drop-off or return shipping. International shipping available at cost, contact


Send us your injectors with your return address/phone:

Buckshot Racing 77 Speed Store

Attn: Mike Hill

6350 229th St E

Bradenton, Florida 34211 USA


We get it done fast! 2-3 business day turn-a-round time is typical.

Fuel / Air Injector Cleaning Service

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