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The Fuel Pump & Filter Kit for a 1993-2002 Mercury VST (Vapor Separator Tank) is an internal replacement kit for OE part numbers  808505T01, 809088T1,  808505-T01, 809088-T1 and designed for certain Mercury outboard engines including Mercury 2.5 liter, 150 HP, 175 HP, 200HP, 225 Pro Max, 240 SportJet, 3.0 liter, 225 HP, 250 HP, 250XB HP, 300 ProMax, 300 Super Magnum, and the 300X.


Here's a breakdown of the components and their functions:


Electric Fuel Pump: This is the primary component responsible for pumping fuel from the tank to the engine. In the context of a VST system, the fuel pump ensures that fuel is delivered at the correct pressure and volume necessary for efficient engine operation.


Fuel Filter: This component filters out impurities and debris from the fuel before it reaches the engine. A clean fuel supply is critical for the proper functioning of the engine and to prevent damage to the fuel injectors and other components.


Both fit inside the Vapor Separator Tank (VST) where fuel is stored and vapor is separated from liquid fuel. The VST ensures that only liquid fuel reaches the fuel injectors, which is crucial for maintaining proper fuel mixture and engine performance.


The kit typically includes a replacement fuel pump and filter, 1/8" fitting, 1/8" jam nuts, 1/8" washers, 3/16" fitting, 3/16" jam nuts, and #/16" internal tooth lock washers.


 Replacing these components as part of regular maintenance helps ensure the engine runs smoothly and efficiently by maintaining a clean and adequate fuel supply.


1993 - 2002 Mercury 808505T01, 809088T1 2.5 liter 150, 175, 200, 225 promax, 240 sportjet, 809088T 3.0 liter 225, 250, 250XB, 300 ProMax, 300 Super Magnum, 300X

Fuel Pump & Filter Kit, 1993-2002 Mercury VST

SKU: 808505T01-77
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