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The new Buckshot Racing #77 Fused Carbon Coil Covers are finally here! These replace the NLA coil covers that directly mount your six (6) coils on the 2.4 and 2.5 Liter Race Exhaust Divider Plates.


This mount configuration setup is found on the factory-produced 9 and 16-amp outboards from the Mercury Race High-Performance Division; including the 200 / 225 Pro Max, SST-120, SST-140, F1, S3000, Mod VP, 245 HP Carb, 260 ROS EFI, and 300 Drag. These Fused Carbon Coil Covers also fit all Mercury 2.0 and 2.4 Liter outboards produced from 1976 to 1990.



1) Set of 3 Fused Carbon Coil Covers - $75

2) Set of 3 Fused Carbon Coil Covers w/ #77 Logo in Red - $95

3) Set of 3 Fused Carbon Coil Covers Mercury Racing,  STV, Allison Logo - $115

4) Set of 3 Fused Carbon Coil Covers (Send us your Custom Logo - Allow 2-3 weeks delivery) - $150

5) Set of 3 Used OEM Plastic Coil Covers w/ used OEM Bolts - $45


Color choices are available upon request. Each Fused Carbon Coil Covers takes about 28 hours to produce. Please allow for 1-2 weeks delivery on these items. Call Mike at 714-697-1716 for immediate in stock inventory choices.


Our composite materials contain fused carbon fiber filaments mixed with proprietary base materials. The carbon fibers enhance the quality of the base materials for a lighter, stronger, stiffer part with improved structural rigidity.


Optional Bolt Kit

Our Bolt Mounting Fastener Kit included twelve (12) Stainless Socket Head Key Bolts for the Ignition Covers, six (6) Stainless Socket Head Key Bolts for the Ground Wires, and twelve (12) Stainless Washers. (Add $30)


A thread locker (Loctite Red or Blue) is recommended with the installation due to the vibration on the exhaust plate.


Our ignition coil (339-7370A13, 339-832757A4, 339-832757B4, 18-5186) covers directly replace the No Longer Available (NLA) Mercury Racing / Mariner / Quicksilver Ignition Coil Cover Mounting Brackets with parts numbers 79743 (plastic) and 67614 (metal) (NLA)


Our Bolt Kit replaces Mercury Mercruiser Quicksilver  OEM part numbers 10-88447 Coil Cover SCREW and Ground Strap SCREW 10-68513 (MSRP $137.56 priced individually)


Manufactured in the USA by Code Red Racing & Design

Fused Carbon Coil Covers (Set of 3)

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