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The Hoffman F1 Composites Boat Deck Mat is essential for both work and race, in and around your boat. It’s easy to roll-up and take with you, and easy to use with it's anti-slip rubber bottom and soft micro-suede on top.

Work: Place the anti-slip Hoffman F1 Composites Boat Deck Mat(s) on your tunnel deck(s) as a place to place parts and tools without worry they will slide off or further marking-up your race boat.

Race: Unlike a carpet, the STV Boat Deck Mat won't as easily slip off the deck(s). It's made from yoga mat materials so you can save your knees and more safely enter and exit your race boat.

• Anti-slip rubber bottom with a micro-suede top
• Measures a full 2 feet x 5.6 feet long, 1/8" thick

Hoffman F1 Boat Deck Mat

SKU: 6538931B7799C_16714
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