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Outboard motors typically do not have air cleaners (or air filters) lids, caps, or covers for several practical reasons related to their design, function, and operational environment:


Water Exposure: Outboard motors are designed to operate in a marine environment where they are exposed to water and spray, but typically not dirt and sand. Placing an air cleaner in such an environment could lead to water ingress, which would be detrimental to the engine's performance and could cause damage.


Airflow Requirements: Outboard motors rely on a continuous flow of air to cool the engine and maintain proper combustion. Restricting airflow with a traditional air cleaner could hinder engine performance, particularly at higher speeds or under heavy load conditions.


Instead of air cleaners, outboard motors have cowlings that help prevent larger debris from entering the engine intake. Routine maintenance typically involves checking and cleaning these intake areas to ensure proper airflow and engine performance.


When trailing and in storage, putting a lid, cap or cover on a Mercury 2.5 Liter EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) horn prevents dust, dirt, sand, moisture, or any other contaminants from entering and potentially leading to engine damage.


These plastic lids are Made in the USA and fit Mercury 260 HP, 280 ROS, 300 Drag, and S3000 outboard Air Inlet Horns 816058T12 and 13256A2.

Horn Lid / Cap for Mercury EFI Air Inlet

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