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The Buckshot Racing #77 Hydro-Foil Hole Shot Plate (aka skid planer and/or planing foil) bolts directly to the cavitation plate on your outboard motors. They are designed to create ultra-low drag, which can increase fuel mileage while cruising.


Some say that the Hydro Foil can provide better handling and less backwash, but most drag racers rely on the hydrofoil to lower planing speed and grab a faster and more stable hole shot.


These hydrofoils are similar to the Allison drag plates and are made from strong and durable 3/16 inch 6061 aluminum, a precipitation-hardened aluminum alloy that contains magnesium and silicon as its major alloying elements. 


They are made using a black anodizing process to dye the surface of the 6061 black which improves their corrosion and wear resistance while upping the aesthetic appeal.


Includes one (1) Hydro-Foil Hole Shot Plate,  which can be drilled (and trimmed) to fit different Mercury, OMC, Yamaha, and other lower unit applications.

Hydro-Foil Hole Shot Plate

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