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The Mercury Racing EFI Fuel Injector Upper Grommets and Seals 25-99123 and 26- 94219 serve a crucial role in the fuel injection system of Mercury High-Performance and Racing Outboards running the side-injected injector 24-98818.


Sealing: The grommet seal ensures a tight and secure seal between the fuel injector and the side-injected block front half. This is important to prevent fuel leaks which can lead to various issues including poor engine performance and or a lean condition.


Protection: It protects the fuel injector from external contaminants such as dirt, dust, and moisture that could potentially affect its performance or cause damage.


Insulation: It provides insulation around the fuel injector to reduce vibration, maintain optimal operating temperatures, and prevent heat transfer that could affect fuel vaporization and injector efficiency.


The Fuel Injector Upper Grommet Seals (sometimes referred to as o-rings) 99123 and 94219 for the Mercury Race Offshore side-injector 2.4 Liter Bridgeport, 260 HP EFI, 280 ROS, 300 Drag, F1, Champ, and S3000 are essential for maintaining the integrity and performance of the fuel injection system by ensuring proper sealing, protection, and insulation around the fuel injector.




Kit 1: Six (6) Outer Upper (Larger #22) Mercury Racing EFI Fuel Injector Upper Grommet 25-99123


Kit 2: Six (6) Inner Lower (Smaller #21) Mercury Racing EFI Fuel Injector Lower Seal 26- 94219


Kit 3: Twelve (12) of the larger and smaller grommet seals from Kits 1 and Kits 2.


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Injector Seal Grommet Kits, Mercury 2.4L 2.5L EFI ROS

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