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The LIFELINE Comp Vest is the perfect protective gear for boat racers and river runners. It's engineered and manufactured in the USA and is approved for all Outboard, Inboard, Drag, SODA, ODBA, UMPBA, Parker Enduro, UIM, APBA, OPC, Mod VP, Open Top Tunnel Hulls, Offshore, Vintage, and Ski Boat Racing.


This vest is made from extra tough 1000D Nylon throughout the whole jacket. Its racing-style skid collar helps divert water from catching under your helmet while its sewn-in collar tapers to the front for added comfort.


The heavy-duty impact foam with built-in ‘Flak Type’ impact material gives extra protection to your chest. Whether racing competitively or out for a high-performance boat ride, stay safe and comfortable with the Lifeline Comp Vest.


The LIFELINE Competition Vest is approved by most sanctioned, non-capsule, boat racing classes, including APBA and UIM. Check with your race-sanctioning body.


Contact Mike Hill at with any questions. 


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