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Mercury lower-unit Magnetic Drain Plug Screw helps pull harmful metal shavings from the gearcase oil in your outdrive. We recommend running double magnetic screws in both the fill and vent holes along with the metal rubber-coated washers which help better seal a hot lower from pulling in water through the plugs.


These are Made in the USA and fit most all Mercury outboards and sterndrives including Super Speedmaster SSM #4, SSM #6, Sportmaster, CLE, Fleetmaster, Torque Master,  MC I R, MR, Alpha I, Gen II, and Bravo units.

Part Numbers:

14834, 14834A1, 18-2375, 21731, 67892, 67892A05, 67892A06, 67892A1, 8M0058389, 9-72651, 22-67892A06


Set of two (2) Mercury lower-unit Magnetic Drain Plug Screws. 


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2 Magnetic Drain Plug Screws & Washers

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