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Outboard engines were not designed with air filters, due to their use being on the water. But when trailering or storing your boat, dirt and dust can be attracted into the carburetor, suspending in the fuel/oil passages, pistons, rings, cylinders, and bearings, waiting to inflict damage the next time you fire her up. 


The Buckshot Racing #77 Mercury V6 Pull Tab Carb Caps fit all WH, WMV, and WHM series carburetors found on 1976-2005 models; 2.0, 2.4, and 2.5 Liter 2-stroke outboards.


These fit directly into the carb barrel, in the carb stacks, or with the Mercury SST-120 plate installed. 


Includes a set of six (6) Carb Caps and one (1) small Buckshot Racing #77 decal.


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6 Mercury Pull Tab Carb Caps Set

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