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Hi-Flow Race Trim Tilt Pump Units are built and tested,  they are delivered assembled for 3-wire Solenoid / Relay connections: High Volume Marine Pump, SAE J1171 Motor, two 1/4" and one 5/16” Ring Terminal Ends, and reservoir of your choice.



1) Mercury Racing-style 3.5" Steel Fluid Reservoir with Industry Standard Motor

2) Mercruiser-style Plastic Reservoir with Industry Standard Motor

3) Mercury Racing-style 3.5" Steel Fluid Reservoir with ROS "Metal Head" Motor

4) Mercruiser-style Plastic Reservoir with ROS "Metal Head" Motor


Also included are stout-upgraded #3 flair fittings that fit the factory Mercury 12" mid-section hydraulic lines directly, without the need for additional leaky adapters. Or #4 inverted flair fittings to better match the Mercury Single Long Ram Trim Cylinder. 


The steel laminated core, copper windings, and copper-segment commutator are all built and tested to withstand 50x operating voltage at five load levels, so these can handle faster trim set-ups including 12v, 24v, and 36 volts.


The unit is finished with a durable epoxy powder coated for all marine corrosion protection and case-hardened motor shafts at bearing surfaces for maximum wear resistance.


Included one (1) Hi-Flow Trim Tilt Pump Unit. Allow 0-3 Days to build.


Mounting Plates, Mercury-style Solinoids, ARCO Solinoids, 300AMP Silver Contact Solnoids, 500AMP Kilovac-style Race Relays, and Pump Rigging Services are also available.


High-performance valve adjustments are done complimentary on request. All pumps are assembled here in the USA and come with a one-year warranty.


Part Numbers

6270, 92459A4, 18-6765, 823653A5, 92459A4, 823653A9, 92459A3, 92459A8


Contact Mike Hill at 714-697-1716 for trim pumps for all marine applications.

Trim Pumps, Hi-Flow Outboard

SKU: TP-77
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