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The Mercury Ignition Key Switch is an essential component of any high-performance boating electrical system, allowing you to prime, start, and stop your engine without the dead shorts you might find in older switches on the black/yellow wire.  


This high-quality switch is made from durable potted materials that can withstand the harsh marine environment, ensuring reliable performance for years to come.


Mercury Marine / Mariner/ Force Ignition Key Switch includes 2 keys, mounting nut,  6-colored wires; red 12v positive, black ground, purple key-switch-on hot, yellow/black primer-choke, yellow/red ignition, black/yellow kill.


Part Numbers:
MP51090, 1803, MP51092, 17009A2, 17009A5, 87-17009A5, 17009A5


Contact Mike Hill at with any questions. 

Mercury Ignition Key Switch

SKU: KS-77
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