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This is a set of 4 complete high-quality weather-resistant (-22 to 142 degrees F) made in the USA race cowl latch bungees that have a rubber body to absorb vibration and stretch to compensate when running in rough water. 


The overall length listed on the spec sheet includes the strike plastic plate and fits well on the Mercury Racing Cowl found on the Pro Max 225, 260, 300 Drag, SST-120, SST-140, Formula, and S3000 cowlings.


Includes all the stainless hardware (socket head Allen-keyed bolts, washers, and lock nuts) to mount. 


Each kit includes four (4) complete, ready to mount, Mercury Race Cowl Latches + Bolts sets.


Made in the USA


Contact with any questions.

4 Mercury Race Cowl Latches + Bolts Kit

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