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The Mercury Race Cowl Seal sits on the pan and between the cowl. It's found on Mercury Marine Mariner Racing outboard motors with light-weigh and aftermarket racing cowls: including the 150, 200, 225 EFI PRO MAX, Mariner SUPER MAG, Mercury Race S3000, SST-120, 300 Drag, 245, and 260HP motors.

The Buckshot Racing #77 high-quality aftermarket made-in-the-USA Mercury Race Cowl Seal is extremely durable.  It is durable, marine purpose-built, PVC with internal aluminum metal clips and a gripping tongue to provide excellent retention. It's flexible and long-lasting; withstanding moisture, sunlight, and temperatures -22° to +160°.


Our Mercury Race Cowl Seal is delivered in seven (7) foot sections that can be cut to lengthen so you can snap this into your pan, for a complete 360-degree install.


Part Numbers

817712003, 8177121


The OEM seal is 6.79 feet long and costs around $172.57 for the genuine factory part. 

Mercury Race Cowl Seal

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