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This is our new Buckshot Racing #77 SS-77 German-made 3-post rectifier, which converts AC to DC, for Mercury / Mariner 2-stroke outboards including 135, 150, 175, 200 HP, 225 ProMax, 260 ROS, and 300 Drag motor. 


Rectifiers can cause problems ranging from a high-speed miss, tach stops working or battery not charging, to a total shutdown.  An easy check is to disconnect the stator leads to the rectifier and check for any bubbling or burning around the potting.


Replaces: 154-6770, 18-5707, 49184, 62351A1, 62351A2, 70350A1, 70350A3, 72310, 8M0058226, 816770, 816770T, 9-17100, 816770T


Includes one (1) brand-new SS-77 Mercury Rectifier and one (1) small Buckshot Racing #77 decal.


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Mercury SS-77 Rectifier

SKU: MR-77
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