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This no-spoil, no-mess 2-stroke Oil Mixing Bottle helps you accurately measure your precise oil-to-gas ratio.


1. Determine the oil-to-gas ratio (50:1, 40:1, 32:1, 24:1, Custom) for your engine.

2. Fill with your preferred 2-cycle oil to the correct mark.

3. Pour oil into your fuel tank, and mix well. 
4. Replace the cap to seal, refill, and reuse as needed.


Not sure about your optimal pre-mix? Please feel free to reference or print our charts; 1) oil mix ounces (oz) to gallons (gal) and 2) 7 factors that affect your 2-stroke fuel/oil ratio​.


One (1) Oil Mixing Bottle, a must for all two-stroke folks; outboards, snowmobiles,  motorcycles, chainsaws, mopeds, scooters, go-karts, weed wackers, and ultra-light planes.


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Oil Ratio Mixing Bottle

SKU: MB-77
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