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A spark plug thread chaser is similar to a tap, but it's not as sharp and doesn't cut new threads. Instead, it cleans the threads and removes dirt, grime, and imperfections.


The Buckshot Racing #77 Speed Store Spark Plug Chaser is a high-quality, made in USA, part that can potentially help you save or retain spark plug threads in your Mercury, OMC, and Yamaha 2-Stroke Outboards. It is designed with the correct threads and reach for most cylinder heads. 




1) Apply a small amount of anti-seize, or simply engine oil or grease, to the Spark Plug Chaser. The grease will catch metal debris and shavings that come off the chaser as it cleans the threads. 


2) Rotate the flywheel until the piston is at the bottom dead center or away from the head surface.


3) Insert the thread chaser into the spark plug hole, and finger tighten by holding the outer housing. Rotate the tool clockwise, backing it off counter-clockwise as it gets tight. Continue to work until the tool reaches the bottom of the threads. Use a 3/8" racket, while keeping the tool perfectly aligned, for more stubborn threads.

Contact with any questions.

Outboard Spark Plug Thread Chaser

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